Elite Performance with Olympian, Steve Solomon, Part 2.-Ep.14

Episode 14 February 18, 2021 00:30:42
Elite Performance with Olympian, Steve Solomon, Part 2.-Ep.14
The Recombobulator Lab
Elite Performance with Olympian, Steve Solomon, Part 2.-Ep.14

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Jason Graham-Nye Chris Dominic

Show Notes

In part 1, Jason and Chris covered the peak experience Steve Solomon had in the London Olympic games in 2012. In this episode, Steve continues by talking about his intense learning experiences in the Rio Olympic games in 2016 and the specific question he had to answer to set him up for consistent success in the future.

Steve then talks about his favorite elements of the College experience in the United States and how different it can be from Australia. Steve explains just how intense his training is, and Chris links it to his experiences with performance improvement work.

Steve then links how his experiences performing at a peak level transfer to his career at Uber Eats.

Chris and Jason wrap up with their big takeaways. Jason generates a rant from Chris with the big question, "What advice would you give to people struggling to improve?" Jason then enlightens us to the Blue Bottle jellyfish invasion that happened at Bondi Beach.


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