Taking Offense with Zane Lamprey- Pt. 2 Ep. 3

Episode 3 November 09, 2022 00:33:02
Taking Offense with Zane Lamprey- Pt. 2 Ep. 3
The Recombobulator Lab
Taking Offense with Zane Lamprey- Pt. 2 Ep. 3

Nov 09 2022 | 00:33:02


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Jason Graham-Nye Chris Dominic

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This week on The Recombobulator Podcast, Jason and Chris are diving into part two of their conversation with Zane Lamprey on taking offense. Who gives it, where and why do we take it? From our siblings to strangers on social media, we are all capable of being triggered by something or someone. Later in the episode, the trio discuss the importance of maintaining a clear head before going on stage and Zane delightedly divulges how he whimsically came up with his brand’s unique name.

Comedians and Offense

Zane begins by quoting Ricky Gervais in that there is a certain “arrogance” in the belief that “everyone can walk around the world and not be offended.” Chris agrees stating that if Gervais or Dave Chappelle walk off stage and no one is offended, they would question where they went wrong.

What offends you ?

Jason asks Zane what he gets offended by, to which Zane concludes that “everyone gets offended by something” and that “we all have these triggers”, referring again to one of many people’s earliest memories: our siblings offending us as they “know our triggers” more than most.

Onstage presence

Zane highlights the importance of “being in the best state of mind” before going on stage, divulging his pre-show routine of calling his wife to “talk about nothing” because she puts him “in a good mood”.

Warriors in a Culture War ?

Jason highlights the contemporary issue of ‘third-party’ offense on social media wherein people get offended by another person offending someone else. Zane describes who he calls the ‘PC Police’ who are “speaking on someone else’s behalf.” Chris chimes in with the concerning matter of people who “are looking for an opportunity to blow something up” and consequently receive “free media” attention.

You don’t know me

Zane makes a connection between people who comment on other people as someone “who had a trigger” themselves and describes the internet as a place “where you can speak before you think”, leaving the mess to be cleaned up by other people.


Zane discusses the struggle for his apparel company in competing with “the big dogs” and their name switch from ‘Adventure’ to ‘Pleepleus’, the uniqueness of which Chris compliments Zane on, which originally came to Zane during his trip to Galway, Ireland.


Zane discusses the importance of reminding people that he is a comedian, and of rebranding himself to allow him to continue growing his brand today.

Lightly toasted

Introducing ‘Lightly Toasted’, Zane’s new podcast. Chris describes it as “a vehicle” to “extend the brand”. Zane agrees, saying that he is “making himself relevant by talking to people on a podcast about current things”.

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Episode Transcript

The Recombobulator Lab with Jason Graham and Chris Dominic. Hello and welcome back to the Recom bobulator Lab. This episode is part two of our conversation with Zane Lampry on taking. If you miss part one, check out last week's podcast. Can I ask, So Ricky Jase reckons that nothing's off the table. He says that there is an arrogance that everyone can just walk around the world and not be offended or anything. And it's li it's, if you take that, there's landmines everywhere. So as you say, you know, gender is an issue. Pronouns, all those sort of things. They didn't exist 10 years ago maybe. Um, but he says it's all fair game. Do you agree with that or is that the pathway to cancel ? Well, , sorry that word came out really strange. I haven't had a, Here's the thing that's coming from Ricky Gervais and people who know him, which are a lot of people understand, I. Who he really is and understand that he's kidding. Okay. And when he says something, you know, and, and goes down a, a, you know, a rabbit hole, it's all intentional. He knows what he's doing. He knows, he knows the journey he's bringing people on, but he is Ricky and he can do it. Mm-hmm. . Because at the end of the day, people expect that from him. And he'll always say like, I'm just, this is just for entertainment. It's like, You know? Yeah. Yeah. It's like, what, what, what he was saying. He's like, you know, I don't know that he said it, but he's an entertainer. He, he's gotta keep things lively. If he's just going up there and he's not pushing the limits, then he's not Dave Chappelle. And, and if, if somebody, it doesn't have to be intentional, but if somebody's not offended, if he walks away from a, from a special him or Ricky, and there's, and no one's. Then he has to be like, What, what? What did I just do wrong? I gotta, I gotta redo this, you know? Yeah, right. Saying I wanna go deep here. We're gonna turn a corner right now and I hope you're sitting down. I know you're walking. I know you're walking. Got a cool haircut and your cut. You've got 3% body fat and we all wanna Yep. As we say down here in Australia, we all wanna you, We love you. We wanna book you. Thank you so much. We're gonna go deep now. Zane, you ready? Strap in. Yeah. What offends. Um, other than, other than me, obviously this random Australian. Oh, no, no. You know what, you know what's interesting? I was gonna say to you guys that everyone gets offended at something. Um, and, and, you know, as like I could say something to Chris that would offend him, that doesn't offend. Jason or vice versa because we all, Yeah. We all have these triggers, right? Isn't that the job of siblings? Our siblings know our triggers. Yes. Our siblings know how to, Our siblings can have set us with a snap of a finger. Yeah. That other people don't know what it is. So, I mean, mine is, I guess I don't, mine is just people assuming that I don't know something I, I, I don't know. Oh, interesting. Here's, Oh, that's interesting. This is something interesting that happened when I was, Okay, so we, we. Recording the last four shows, because they were in California, I brought a crew with me cuz I didn't have to fly them, I just had to put 'em in hotels. These guys were already on the payroll, so it was like easy. I'm just gonna bring them to the four shows and then we're gonna video, uh, record these, these four shows. So we had five cameras running on the shows that we were doing and we were setting them up in the back. So we had a, a show that had like 170 people. We had like extra chairs, like 190 chairs. And in the back were some like picnic tables that we had put our gear on and we were setting up our equipment back that far because we had long lenses. We wanna stay out of people's way and we can shoot from back there. So we were far removed. Like I, geez, I don't know, I don't know in meters, Jason, I'm sorry, but probably like, you know, 30 feet stereotypical the arrogance of America . So, you know, somewhere. Six and a half meters. Oh, that's bullshit. . We're, we're back there. And, uh, and we set up our cameras and then everyone comes in and we, you know, we go back to our cameras and people are sitting at those tables where my crew is going to be operating cameras right in front of them. And so, and, and there's plenty of seats ahead. And, and, and so we're just like, we try to put all of our bags on the table so people would sit there, they just kind of moved our bags out of the way a. And we're like, All right, so I'm back there and this guy obviously didn't know who I was, and I'm kind of, I'm, I'm lining up the camera as my opener is, um, is going so that I can just check all the camera angles and make sure that it's, it's good for me. And so I'm back there literally just shooting video of the opener. And this guy comes around and he is like, Um, you guys are in our way. So like, Are, are we moving? Or are you guys moving? And I just looked at him. I just looked at him and I just like looked away like. I can't even answer that question. I'm so, I'm so sorry. Like, I didn't, I didn't say anything. I'm like, Nah, man. Like, whatever. And then they just moved to a different table. Like, Bro, we got, we got tripods and all this equipment set up. Like, no, we're not moving outta your way. And, and I just kinda like, it's one of those things, it doesn't really offend me. But like when I'm going on stage, I'd like to be in the best state of mind, right? My wife, my wife knows if it's show day, you guys know we have the animal rescue. And so we, we have, I don't know, 15 animals, 15 cats in the house right now. Cause like if something happens and one of those cats dies or something bad happens, don't, you can't let me know. I can't walk on stage with that. You can tell me after the stage and I. A day to process and stuff like that. But like, you know, my dog died, um, last December on like, you know, a Thursday. I had a show on Friday. I canceled it. I, I just, and it was sudden too, he went to the grooms and had a heart attack and it, and my, and my dog was 185 pound. Uh, Irish will sound it, it, he's, she's the size of a person. It was just kind of weird. And so I was like, I can't, I can't, I can't do the show the next day. And, and my whole crew were like, Yeah, we can get it. We'll, we'll call it, we'll cancel, we'll take care of it. So, you know, I just, I kind of avoid people. I call my wife before every show, cuz, cuz she puts me in a good mood and they just talk to her about nothing. You know, just whatever. I'm like, she's like, All right, have fun, have a good show, whatever. And then I'm in a great mindset and that's kind of, You know, putting myself in the right zone. So someone coming up to me and, and just asking a stupid question like, are, am I gonna move the cameras or are those people gonna move to another table? Right. Just kind of for a second just makes to go, you know, whatever. Right, right, right. And like, I kinda let it go. I let it go. You know what I mean? Just because I don't care. Yeah. But it is just kind of funny that those are, those are the things that like, I don't know. At another level, I don't, I don't know. I mean, I. I don't know. It's, it's an interesting thing. Yeah. There's, there's a weird situation. Um, you know, where this guy was, was talking to me, uh, and he was like, Send me an email. Oh, I love you standup. I'm, I'm doing standup. I've been thinking about doing it. And, and he's like, um, he's like, Yeah, I'm a, uh, he offered this stuff. He says, Yeah, I'm, I'm a gay. And I was like, Oh man, you got so much material already. You know? Like I was like, You're so lucky. Because he gets to talk about the things Yeah. That affect him. I can't talk about the things that affect him, you know what I mean? Mm-hmm. , and that's and, and that's, and that's fine. I think those are societal rules, and I think that those rules are okay because the rules. You know, the, the boundaries, the, the white lines on the road. Those are the things that, um, that Jim Jeffries likes to snore up. No, no, no. That's not, that's not, I said, no . That was, those, those are the things when you, when you bump one of those borders, that you go outside the lines a little bit. That's what makes it interesting. Hmm. Not, not because you're, you know, so, so, yes'. Okay. Rules are good. Rules are good. Every now and then, you'll think this guy, man, he, he, This is a great joke. This guy goes up here, Okay, I'm gonna tell him from his perspective. He goes, he goes, I gotta tell you, man, I don't, I, I, I don't like Jews. I don't. He goes, But, but not all of 'em. Just like two, two Jews in particular. Uh, my parents and like, so you're like, Oh dude, , well done. That's good. Done. He said that's, you're like, Cause you know, as another comedian you're like, you know, it's the art of pinning yourself into a corner. You're like, Oh, this, this guy kick. What is he gonna say to get himself out of this? That is pretty aggressive. Like, ah, he's Jewish. That's so true. Got it. Okay. Well done. So what? What about, what about this thing? What See this on social media? Like, oh, that thing doesn't offend me, but it's like third, third party offense. Like I'm outraged that that comedian said that thing about that person. For example, the Jewish thing, right? Like I find that really interesting. Like, is that a new thing? Is that an understand? I just find it weird sometimes. I think. it's an Australian thing. There's, there's a tension seeking people. Even in Australia, they, they get on the internet and they blow stuff up and they pretend that they're a warrior, a culture war. It's, Yeah. Right. Well, that's what it is. It's, it's someone who is, is speaking on someone else's behalf, you know? Like, Yeah. Like, okay. There's another one, like people will be on, like my social media, I'm trying to think of an example, and they'll say, Hey, Zane. People wanna know, man, why are you da da da da? I'm like, Dude, people wanna know, or you wanna know. You're not, Yeah, you're not the spokesperson for people. You wanna ask question, ask a question. Like a lot of people, a lot of people really were offended or a lot of people wondering, or people you know, like don't say, people just say, Yeah, you have a question. That's fine. Like, don't, don't try to hide behind that. And yeah, I mean there are the people that, you're right, the culture warriors that are gonna try. Yeah. Come in third party and be, be the, the, uh, the PC police. Yeah, it's interesting. I think they keep it interesting. I guess, you know, my issue with that is mostly just around, I mean, if you've got really strong beliefs in something offends you, you have every right to be that way. I think the part that concerns me sometimes is people who, it really doesn't sound like they're genuinely offended by this. They're looking for an opportu. To blow this issue up, they're looking for an opportunity to get some free media or some free air time, or some free sunlight, whatever you call it. Yeah, yeah, sure. Some people are doing it for, uh, obvious reasons. Some people are doing it for reasons that they might not even be aware of. You know, like, like, like you're saying, like, Yeah, some, like, like withholding that Billy. Tape that was done for, for selfish reasons, right? Someone benefited from that or thought they would benefit from that. That's why they did that. Um, whereas yeah, some people are just going up there and, you know, like I, I had this guy thi this, this actually pissed me off. This was probably 12 years ago when I was shooting, Drinking Made Easy. And this is a show for Mark Cuban's channel and it was about traveling around the, the country and going to different breweries and wineries. And bars and, and whatever. And, and I, my, my buddy, my best friend was along, he was my co-host and, and he, his, his quote character was, was the drinking guy. Like, I would drink and ask questions and I would, I would, you know, I sometimes I'd get a little bit loose, but he would always get loose. And this guy went on our, our Facebook page and said, You guys are a bunch of alcoholics that are promot. Um, reckless drinking and like all this kind of stuff. And it was just like, bro, like, it, it, it got me. I had to respond to it and then I was like, You know what? Screw this guy. Delete, delete. And then it was, and it never happened. But like, cuz he does, you don't, you don't deserve an answer. You don't, You don't know me. Mm. You don't, you don't, you don't under, you don't, you don't know me. You don't understand what, what my intentions are. You don't know any, you know what I mean? Like, at the end of the day, you don't know anything about. You don't know why I do something and don't, don't tell me that I'm trying to glorify alcohol abuse and stuff like that. Like that's, that, that is, that is someone that if I had a trigger and you reacted, and for better, for worse, the internet is the place where you can speak before you think , you know? Yeah. And, and then other, and other people have to sort out the mess. Yep. Totally. Well, hey, I'm gonna take a turn on you because I have been dying to learn how the. You managed the clothing company, the apparel company during all this. I mean, I, you must have broken some sort of record for consecutive standup dates. Um, okay, so, so the question is how do I keep the apparel brand alive while I'm on the road? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I'm sure you got a great team. I mean, but, but wow. I mean, yeah, that, I mean, that's the, that's why I was like a few minutes late to this. I'm, so, my apparel brand is based out of. The, the guy that I was having run my day to day operations, I hired him, he lived there, he was gonna move down to Los Angeles, which is where I live. And um, it was during Covid and I was like, What's the point of having you move, man? You just, let's just, let's telecommute. And then when things started to get better, we realized like, hey, we were using a third party fulfillment company in, uh, in Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky. That was. You know, central in the us all of our stuff went there and then, and then they drop shift everything. So all of our inventory, they just, you know, maintained our inventory, but it was so expensive. They charge all these little ticky tack things that it's like, Oh yeah, make it, like, it just, it just, they're making money and, and, you know, and they cut into your margin pretty heavily. And so we're like, All right, why don't we, Why don't we just do our own fulfillment? We have an office. So, so we got an office in, uh, in Seattle. Then he, he went on, uh, he moved on. He had a dream to write, travel the country and write a book. So I'm never gonna get in the way of someone following their dreams. I'll encourage it even if I gotta like, you know, pick up the pieces. But I had a, a good staff in, in place at that point that stepped up. And so, cuz then he had hired, So now I have an office in Seattle, um, that I've been to. Um, but I, but I zoom with those people every day. So I got, I have four people on my staff. We had our team meeting, you know, every Tuesday and Thursday for about an hour, hour and a half. Uh, and then I'll have individual calls or zooms or emails, projects that are people are working on to just help manage it. Um, and, you know, because I'm on the road so much, it doesn't really matter where it is. Um, it's just, it, it's, it's, it's, it's. And, you know, we, uh, we, we started the company Adventure and um, and we were making kind of, I guess high tech, you know, uh, premium like jackets and backpacks mm-hmm. and, and stuff. And our competition were, were the big dogs and. You know, we were planting three trees with every purchase and, and, and making great stuff, but we can't, you know, we can't compete with their margins, you know, with their, their manufacturing and stuff like that. So we, um, uh, we've been, you know, kind of trying to figure this out and, and what's interesting is we were still releasing, um, uh, PLIs products. So PLIs is the monkey that I've been traveling with in all my shows, is now represented by a Shou. Um, and we, and people are always saying, Oh, can we, can you release a few play please t-shirts or play please this? And when we released a plea please t-shirt, we would get like, I mean, I think one weekend we'd watched a shirt, we got like 1400 orders in, in a day and I was like, you know, we, this, we're doing this wrong. We're trying to force adventure down everyone's throat. It's like, you know, eco plant trees brand when everyone is like, Because maybe that's who I am deep in my soul. But, but what they see me as and, and certainly who I also am is, is the fun, you know, social guy and they wanna fund social brand. And so, um, we changed the name of our company from Adventure Tolis. We have 1500 investors to through Oh that's right through Reg CF that we. . Um, and they're all incredibly supportive. And, uh, we are now shifting, um, from, you know, backpacks and jackets to, um, really like premium like crew necks and hoodies and, and other, other products. Um, you know, for, for like going to the brewery, hanging out with your. Traveling that, that kind of thing. And it's just been like, and, and, and, and we're, and our whole thing now is just to celebrate life and, you know, crack, crack crack one open when you get there. And that's, so here, here's something that I noticed about this though, that's soap, brave and awesome, is now you have all this space. I mean, when I typed in adventure the last time I did, I had to sort through a lot of other c. That had that word and plaus, I mean, , right? That's yours, man. That's yours. You're right. And what we did with it, we, we with adventure, the first, uh, E was a three ad three N to R, right? And so, but every time we said that, every time we said adventure with a three people like didn't understand and they, you know, people would write adventure. And then the number three after it, some people would even see the word adventure with the. E as a three, the number three, and call us event preacher or adventure three. And I was just like, okay, we need, we need to change. So now we have a word. Now we have the most difficult word to pronounce, but once you know how to pronounce it, you're in, right. So, yeah. So that's, so your SEO is gonna go up right away. Uh, but you know, I never asked you this question before and I'm, I'm, How the heck did you come up with the name plea please? So we talked about that. In my, my last, the standup special that you would've seen me do the standup for. I was in the bathroom, um, you were in the bathroom, you were getting drinks. Um, so it was, um, I was flying into Galway Ireland, shoot my very first episode of three sheets, my very first episode of, of a travel show ever. And at this point I've done 120 episodes. This is episode number one, and we're flying. I was like, Man, if I could figure out a way to turn this drinking show into a drinking thing, that would be amazing. But I, but, but I couldn't think of any rules for the game. It was like I couldn't think of any rules that were unique and to flight in, and I didn't wanna be too cliche and whatever. And so I was walking in, still couldn't figure it out, and I passed this gift shop. And there's a stuffed toy monkey sitting on the, on the shelf. And I grab it and I start hiding it in the scenes. And, and on the first day, and then Mike, the director, is like, um, what's going on with that monkey? And I was like, Oh, it's better this drinking game. He's like, Dude, that is amazing, but I gotta tell the network about this. I can't just like do it and not, and not tell them. Cause I, you know, I work for them. And so he's like, We'll call the network tomorrow morning and see what they say. So, In the meantime, do it for the rest of the day and then, you know, have fun because like we know what the network's gonna say. So we get on the phone with the, the next, with the network the next morning from Ireland. And we're, um, you know, it was like me and my on of speaker phone with five people, you know, the head of the network and four attorneys, uh, in a conference room in New York City. It's like, All right, tell us about this monkey. And I was like, Well, it's, you know, it's a drinking game. And he's like, Well, we don't think it's a good idea to have a drinking. With only one rule. We need more rules. This is amazing. What other, what can you come up with? And so we're like, Oh wow, they love it. Okay, great. And so we kind of threw the other ideas. He's like, We love it. Go for it. Do it. And he's like, By the way, what's the monkey's name? And I was like, and in my mind I'm like, I thought this monkey was getting canned, you know, tomorrow. So I didn't, I didn't name him. He's just the monkey, right? This is all my internal dialogue. And so I had to say something so, Bleus. It was like, I just like pulled out a word. I thought it sounded important. And Greek, I had no idea where it came from. He's like, Purples. I'm like, No plea. He's like, Email me. And that was it. So I had to say it, how to spell it. And then that was, its was born and yeah, man. Now, like millions of people know who Bleus is. It's. Yeah, and I love the new website. It looks so cool. It's such a great silhouette. It's very, very cool. Obviously you'll be launching boutiques here in Australia any day now. you know, now you, you know what's crazy is I, first of all, I have a pretty good contingency, like, you know, fan base as they would say on Flood of Concords in, uh, in, in Australia. And I was planning on coming down there, um, this past January and February because, um, You know, like you got, when was it, Was it last year? Yeah, it was this, this last January or February. You guys had like a, a covid like resurgence. Mm-hmm. and I was trying to like, plan on coming down there. I was gonna do like seven or eight shows and then it was like, you can't, you can't go. Like, we weren't sure what was gonna happen. I think we would've probably started planning it like in, in September or October. And, and you guys were sort of in the middle of a, of a resurgence and I was like, I. I can't plan a trip that I possibly can't even go on. I can't do it to cancel. So then, then we, we added on a bunch of, um, you know, other cities in the Pacific Northwest and then the, um, the, the plain states and stuff like that. So we, you know, we filled in our tour, but I was, I was really looking forward to coming down and doing it and in Australia and possibly New Zealand then. I mean, I would've been, I would've been leaving my winter to come down to your summer. Yeah. Uh, yeah. Alright, I'll send you. Yeah, no, we are, we are willing, ready and can't wait to see you again on our Sunny Shores, but yes, we did get nailed by a second round of Covid. Yeah, I mean, it'll help when my specials come up. I shot a special in March, which still has not aired. Um, Okay. It's, it's in, in, in many people's hands. And then I've also shot like two shorter specials I shot this weekend. Then I'll be shooting another special in January, so pretty soon I'll have a bunch of them out. Um, because my, my, my job right now, and the overarching idea is, is to raise my Q rating. What I need to do is I can't, I can't, I can't continue to be the guy who had these drinking shows, you know, 10 years ago. I need to be a comedian who, you know, who's out there doing stuff now, who also had a show years ago. So I, I'm, I'm in the, I'm in the process of just reminding or rebranding people that I'm a comedian. So, so, you know, so then I can, can continue to grow, uh, grow the market, grow my brand there. So when you do the, your new podcast, lightly toasted, which is a really clever idea by the way. Thanks. Uh, is, is it connected to any part of what you're working on specifically, or is it more of just, it allows you a, a vehicle to really extend the brand for. Right. It's, it's, you know, I got the rights back to four sheets. I did three sheets, and then in 2019 I did four sheets, and then Covid came, wiped out that network. I got the rights back. I'm about to start pitching that for potentially shooting that next year. In the meantime, I'm just, I, I, there's a few reasons to it. I mean, I'm, I'm, the bottom line is, Reinvigorating my relevance. I'm making myself relevant by, by talking to people, um, on a podcast. Uh, you know, about current things again, rather than having people look up shows that they love, but that I, that I did 10 years ago. Um, so I'm doing a podcast called Let Me Toasted While I Sit by My Fire Pit and Toast S'mores. Um, I do one of those every week. I do a podcast. Uh, the Zain and Steve Show, which will come out on a few weeks. Um, we're banking a bunch of episodes of that. That's just me and my, my buddy Steve, um, who, who's given me, uh, an ulcer. And, uh, and then I'll be doing, um, one with my wife. Um, so we have, Oh, cool. We have a ca that's like a, like a, like a built in. It's a deck that's got like, you know, grass and then, um, it's all screened. And so the cats can actually feel, be outside without, you know, being outside. And so we're gonna do one from, from there where we just, you know, it'll be, it's, it'll be about us, you know, just us just shooting the shit rather than, um, you know, being about the, the cats necessarily, but it's whatever, whatever direction she wants to go. So I'll be doing a bunch of those. And then I have another one called Crafts and Crafts where I. Sitting down with celebrities, drinking craft beer and doing arts and crafts. So there's like a, there's, there's a bunch that'll be happening that'll keep me incredibly busy and then hopefully resonate with the same people and then, and then different people. That's brilliant. So just before we were talking to you, uh, we were talking with each other and one of the things that Jason and. Were, I don't know, were we lamenting Jason? I don't know. We were talking about the fact that some people just don't get why we wanna have our irons in so many fires. Yeah. But we both do. That's like part of the reason why we're doing this. And uh, and it's just, it's fun to watch and it's really impressive that you're pulling all that off. Cuz uh, I think Jason and I know the fun that, that you get out of that, the freshness that you get from having all of those different places to. It's just, it's fun to watch. Definitely. Well, pulling off means something different in Australia. I think you need to maybe clarify . Yeah. I've already learned a few, I've made a few mistakes like what I do with Jason. Yeah. . Yeah. No, the, the, uh, the one that I've already embarrassed myself, um, with, with an Australian guest was I told her that I'd be rooting for her, which apparently doesn't mean what we. Well, I met my Canadian wife. She had a, she, she had a top on called Roots in Canada, Roots in Canada, the brand roots. And my first question to my, Yeah, soon to be future wife was, So do you do that in Australia as well or is it just a Canada only thing? , because Roots means something very different down here. Right. And she, And she, and she. Just . Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Right. She knew. She knew. She knew enough to walk away. Yeah, exactly. She ran and then I chased her down. Yeah, like all good romances, . Yeah, exactly. Well, Zane, I, uh, Jason, you don't know this, but one of the, when we contacted Zane, he, the first thing he did was point out that I missed the Portland show on his new tour So, like, it's relentless. I was so close. But, but here's the crazy thing, and I think you know this, Chris, I, I was, I'm, I'm addicted to, to Zillow like a lot of people. Oh yeah. Yeah. And, I was like, my wife and I have been looking at this house, tracking this house and being like, What? Why is this house not selling? There's something wrong, or we're, or we're not seeing it, or whatever it is. And I land in Portland and I'm just like, and I'm guys, I'm, I'm, I'm in so many cities. I just, I just wasn't thinking clearly. I just, I, I, I mean, I. Rarely know what day of the week it is. And, and so I, um, I land there and I was like, Oh my God, the house we're looking at is at on Lake Oswego. That's inland. Yeah. Yeah. And I look at the map, I'm like, that's pretty much on the way to the venue. And this was like on a Thursday afternoon. And so I pulled to this house and they were having like a party on a Thursday afternoon and I was like, um, and this guy kinda security guard is like, You got, you hear from party. I'm like, Maybe what's the party for? He's like, Oh, it's the real. I guess over, I'm like, Yeah, yeah, that, that sounds like my party. And I was like, Can you just go grab her? I gotta, And she comes out, I'm like, Look, I've been looking at this house I want, I know from LA and I, I just happened to be in town doing the show. And she's like, and she shows me the house. Anyway, long story short, I make an offer. They counter, we, we, we accepted it and we're just kind of going through it and working out all the details at the end. And it had some, it had some tax problem. , um, it had this grandfathered tax thing in there where the, the property taxes were $50,000 and Oh, and I, and I talked to the residential assessor and, and everything, and he's like, you know, we can put it through, we can probably, you know, take that down significantly. But I'm saying probably, I'm not saying definitely. And I was just like, ah, that, I mean, you know, a minor hoa, but then just the upkeep and the stuff we're gonna have to do, I'm like, And my wife's like, I love it. I'm like, I do too, but we can't. I'll send you guys a link to it. Oh, oh, you are gonna get another shot, Zane. Come on. Yeah. Another shot. We, we love it. We, we love, we love it. We want, we wanna be in the lake, and then people are like, Oh, how about somewhere else in Portland? I'm like, No, no offense to Portland or anywhere else. I'm, I'm moving out of LA to be. You know, because I'm, I'm, I can be on the water. That's what makes me happy. Right? Yeah. That's, I was gonna add, add 10, 10 years to my life. If I can just wake up and walk out and I'm on a lake or a stream or the ocean. And Zane, as someone who used to live in Lake Oswego, which is pretty weird, right? I'm living 10,000 miles away from you. We pick one suburb, it's Lake Oswego. We weren't on the lake, but we had friends who had. Allotment thing on the lake. Uh, hot August nights is something that I want you to be at. Zane and Zane Hot August nights is gonna involve you on the lake with about 300 other boats. And if I was you, I'd be getting that celebrity trainer of yours to really far it up, . Um, because it's a very, it's exciting. It's an exciting thing for 50 year old people like you and me and, uh, Chris and, uh, Yeah. And just don't drown. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Yeah. Very important. Oh, I'll give you three. Three outta. Yeah. . Exactly. And then Stickman is the pub on the, on the lake. And that's where you can Oh, I know, I know, I know. Every, every time I, every time I go there I go. I go there. You're brilliant. Oh my. That's brilliant. On the lake. Brilliant. Awesome, awesome. Well, Zane, I am going to make up for it by catching you in San Diego. Okay? Oh yeah. That's gonna be amazing. Yeah. Do it gonna happen. So I'll see you then. A Smith. A Smith on December 3rd I think. And by the way, I, That's it is, and by the way, I've, I've been to a Smith before and um, I am going to plug right now one of their beers. They have one of the best pale oils I've ever had. It's the tiny Gwen 3 94 that is named after the batting average. He had. In 1984, I always thought that was super cool. Very such San Diego, Local a right? Such a joke. Oh, baseball, Oh, I've got an average of 3,948 hits, or strikes or baskets or some blah, blah, blah, blah. Just because you have flat bats, you, Hey, hey, hey. It's called Cricket and it's, it's a, it's game of the Gods. I won't have it, Zane. I won't have it, Chris. Well, listen, listen. I'm gonna let you guys. it out. Yeah, that does, That does kind of sound like the ending there. Yeah. Thank you so much for being honest. You gotta, I will see you guys. I'll talk to you soon. Cheerful. Okay. Thanks so much. See you. Bye bye. Thank you for joining us at the Recom Bobul later lab with Chris Dominic and Jason Graham. How's she next time? Next time.

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