S2 - Trailer

September 03, 2022 00:01:22
S2 - Trailer
The Recombobulator Lab
S2 - Trailer

Sep 03 2022 | 00:01:22


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Jason Graham-Nye Chris Dominic

Show Notes

A diaper executive and a jury consultant walk into a bar...madness ensues--for the second season in a row! The Recombobulator Lab covers knowledge and society topics from the perspectives of two old friends who are both dedicated to facts, evidence, science, and bouts of comedic rants. 

"The Lab" is hosted each episode by the Co-Founder of gDiapers, Jason Graham-Nye, from Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia, and The President of Tsongas Litigation Consulting, Chris Dominic, from Portland, Oregon, USA.

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