Comedy & Authenticity with Zane Lamprey, Part. 2-Ep.18

Episode 18 March 17, 2021 00:30:25
Comedy & Authenticity with Zane Lamprey, Part. 2-Ep.18
The Recombobulator Lab
Comedy & Authenticity with Zane Lamprey, Part. 2-Ep.18

Mar 17 2021 | 00:30:25


Hosted By

Jason Graham-Nye Chris Dominic

Show Notes

Chris asks how Zane came up with his amazing animations from his shows that explain complex concepts in concise periods of time. Zane explains how his shows' goals were to be as entertaining as possible and "trick us" into learning about the various cultures he experienced in his travels.

Jason tests Zane on his Japanese, and Zane explains the method to his madness. Jason speaks for his country as he often does. Zane explains how he plans to do a 90-date stand-up comedy tour that involves him performing at breweries and doing collaboration beers in each location.

Jason offers to be Zane's "fixer" for Australia. And finally, Zane busts a myth about hangover cures and shares his secret weapon that he sought after for four years. Zane closes by explaining why he's moving from travelogues to stand-up comedy. 

Tickets go on sale on St.Patrick's Day--the day this episode drops in the US!

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