Saving Lives with Bondi Rescue's, Trent "Maxi" Maxwell-Ep.31

Episode 31 June 16, 2021 00:31:10
Saving Lives with Bondi Rescue's, Trent "Maxi" Maxwell-Ep.31
The Recombobulator Lab
Saving Lives with Bondi Rescue's, Trent "Maxi" Maxwell-Ep.31

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Jason Graham-Nye Chris Dominic

Show Notes

Maxi comes over to Jason's house on a break from work, and they dial up Chris to talk about his work as a lifeguard, firefighter, author, educator, and cast member on the hit global factual TV hit Bondi Rescue

The three share some laughs, stories and debunk a myth along with a quiz on lifeguards and firefighting facts.
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Quiz soundtrack, Giulia's Chase, © 2020 by Casting Nail.

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