Listening to Ourselves with Musician and Coach Carrie Akre-Ep.26

Episode 26 May 12, 2021 00:31:44
Listening to Ourselves with Musician and Coach Carrie Akre-Ep.26
The Recombobulator Lab
Listening to Ourselves with Musician and Coach Carrie Akre-Ep.26

May 12 2021 | 00:31:44


Hosted By

Jason Graham-Nye Chris Dominic

Show Notes

Jason & Chris have a conversation with musician and creative coach Carrie Akre who fronted the bands Hammerbox and Goodness and then contributed on vocals to the Rockfords with Pearl Jam's Mike McCready and went on to a solo career. She has opened for Iggy Pop, Oasis, & Pearl Jam.

Jason presses Carrie for stories from Seattle's crazy music scene in the 1990s, and Chris inquires about what subcomponents of being a musician are soul-filling and what is soul-killing--stumbling into a story about Elliot Smith and musicians who have "that thing."
Then the three get into discussing introspection, surrender, and life direction to improve creativity and performance.
Carrie can be found at, and her Podcast is Between You and I.

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