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November 30, 2022 00:31:23
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Greenwashing and what to do about it with Tom Osdoba Pt. 1 Ep. 6

Forest fires, historic droughts, dried-up rivers, and an ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war – certainly, not everything that's out of sight can be out of our minds. As the world conjures up innovative ways to end the global environmental crisis, inventing legislations, bills, carbon footprints, and the like, many of us are left wondering: how much of the shebang translates to actual field work? Do our contributions really matter in the big picture? Are our well-intended investments reaching the right hands? Most importantly, can you even pay your way out of your carbon footprint? Like, REALLY? Luckily for us, Tom Osdoba has qualified arguments explaining the factors that led to this crisis-laden state of the world. Tom is the Director of NetZeroCities EU and the Senior Advisor at Climate-KIC. Aside from our varying levels of cynicism the factors in question are as follows: be the loose state of country-to-country governance the stealthy impact of capitalism on environmentalism poor centralized control -yes, by forums and organizations like the UN and the G7 Chris and Jason invite Tom to The Recombobulator Podcast today to logically explain these factors. Tom's work on sustainability and core ecosystem preservation is laudable, his plans even more so. Tom intends to mobilize 100 cities to be climate-neutral by 2030! (Wait till you hear him get into the practical side of it today.) Listen in for all the knowledge you must know about the ongoing environmental crisis. A few important highlights from today’s conversation: What does capitalism have to do with governance and environmentalism? Capitalism has flourished in the absence of strong governance of markets and ownership structures. It’s challenging when governments lack the ability to make changes and pass necessary laws (including environmental ...



November 23, 2022 00:33:17
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Guns and Gambling- The Biggest Issues of Our Nations Ep. 5

Did you know that America is one of the few countries in the world where people have an entitlement to guns if they have all their rights? Something else that might surprise you entirely is the fact that Australia is one of the top 3 gambling countries in the world despite its low population. In today’s episode of The Recombobulator Lab, Chris and Jason get to discuss their respective country’s biggest issues. They have been kicking the idea around for a long time and have even teased it a bit in a previous episode. These issues are guns in America and gambling in Australia. Chris and Jason share a quiz on gun and gambling statics in both countries. They discuss the problem and share their thoughts on what can be done to curb the issues. Gun and Gambling Quiz Question 1: What are the top 3 gambling countries in the world? Answer 1: Australia, Singapore, and Ireland.   Question 2: What percentage of Australians participated in some form of gambling last year? Answer 2: 66% of the adult Australian population.   Question 3: If we think about 60% of Australians participating in some form of gambling, how many millions of people would've gambled 10% or more of their annual income each year? Answer 3: 10%   Question 4: How many dollars would the average American spend a year gambling? Answer 4: $400   Question 5: How much more do you think the Irish gamble than Americans per person per year? Answer 5: $600   Question 6: What do you think the average Australian spends a year on gambling? Answer 6: $1600   Question 7: What does the average Australian poker machine player spend? Answer 7: $2400   Question 8: How many people in the United States died from gun-related injuries ...



November 16, 2022 00:28:12
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Authoritarianism vs Democracy with Dr Doug Keene Ep. 4

In today’s episode of The Recombobulator Lab, Chris and Jason have the pleasure of having the knowledgeable Doug Keene on the show, who is a third-time guest in the Lab. Doug, a former clinical psychologist and an epic trial consultant, will discuss authoritarianism in this episode, including studies done over the years to support it and its positive and negative impacts. What is authoritarianism? Authoritarianism is the process and exchange where there is essentially a strong leader and a subject that will be expected to comply with the instructions or guidance of the strong leader. Authoritarianism is not purely political. There are lots and lots of circumstances where people either turn toward or against authoritarian leadership. It could be in religion or it's how children are parented. In general, Doug says, people may look toward authoritarian solutions when they're scared.  The Stanley Milgram Experiment In the 60s’, American social psychologist Stanley Milgram conducted research on how far people would go to comply with authority figures' commands. A researcher instructed the participants to shock a different person with electric shocks that got stronger. Two-thirds of the subjects were willing to continue shocking them even after they stopped responding. This was horrifying to Milgram, who had expected 3% or 4%, somewhere in that range. The participants were unaware that the shocks were phony and that the person receiving them was an actor. Authoritarianism and American individualism Doug thinks American Individualism is a a form of autocracy. The idea being that "The cultural and ...



November 09, 2022 00:33:02
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Taking Offense with Zane Lamprey- Pt. 2 Ep. 3

This week on The Recombobulator Podcast, Jason and Chris are diving into part two of their conversation with Zane Lamprey on taking offense. Who gives it, where and why do we take it? From our siblings to strangers on social media, we are all capable of being triggered by something or someone. Later in the episode, the trio discuss the importance of maintaining a clear head before going on stage and Zane delightedly divulges how he whimsically came up with his brand’s unique name. Comedians and Offense Zane begins by quoting Ricky Gervais in that there is a certain “arrogance” in the belief that “everyone can walk around the world and not be offended.” Chris agrees stating that if Gervais or Dave Chappelle walk off stage and no one is offended, they would question where they went wrong. What offends you ? Jason asks Zane what he gets offended by, to which Zane concludes that “everyone gets offended by something” and that “we all have these triggers”, referring again to one of many people’s earliest memories: our siblings offending us as they “know our triggers” more than most. Onstage presence Zane highlights the importance of “being in the best state of mind” before going on stage, divulging his pre-show routine of calling his wife to “talk about nothing” because she puts him “in a good mood”. Warriors in a Culture War ? Jason highlights the contemporary issue of ‘third-party’ offense on social media wherein people get offended by ...



November 02, 2022 00:31:06
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Taking Offense with Zane Lamprey- Pt. 1, Ep. 2

Jason is third party offended by a frozen pizza raising some questions with Chris about the nature of offense and how it relates to comedy. Is offense a key part of comedy? Is targeting certain demographics just a bit of fun, or is it part of a bigger problem in society? What about targeting WASPs? Is that ok?  Zane Lamprey- also known as the Anothony Bourdain of drinking- joins The Recombobulator Lab to help tease this out. Together they try to identify 'the line' in part 1 of this 2 part episode and better understand the idea of taking offense.  After such a fun episode in season 1 with Zane, Chris and Jason couldn't wait to get him back on for season 2 to talk about the hot topic of taking offense. Since they spoke last Zane has been doing a stand-up tour around breweries in the US. He also did a show at a weed farm. It was a shareholders night with a difference. Everyone was h1gh and Zane had to figure out the audience dynamic a little differently to how he usually does. Zane addresses a question that is on a lot of people's minds about being a comedian on tour. How on earth do they stay in shape while drinking at every show? Alcohol and comedy go hand in hand almost as well as comedy and offense. So what is Zane's secret and how does he stay such an 'attractive man' to quote Jason? The topic of offense is on the tip of everyone's tongues in interviews with comedians, according to Zane. The way he sees it the landscape is always changing. Comedians are consistently setting and moving the bar. ...



October 26, 2022 00:32:53
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Pandemic Mindblowers- Ep. 1

It has been over a year since season 1 of The Recombobulator Lab finished. Chris and Jason’s schedules have filled back up with everything from Jason and his wife presenting at the World Economic Forum to Chris jet setting all over the USA. But somehow they managed to pull together season 2.  This episode Chris has a COVID quiz for Jason and the guys discuss their highs and lows of the pandemic. Why bring COVID back up, you might ask? To package it up and put it away for good. Thanks to everyone who made season 1 such a success and for making season 2 possible.   Since the pandemic eased both Jason and Chris have been travelling with work. Jason and his wife had the honour of doing a presentation at the World Economic Forum about G-Diapers, their environmentally friendly diaper company. Some highlights of the trip include sharing an umbrella with Bill Gates and finding out that the world is not being controlled by 3 people.  Chris has also been ‘back on the big metal bird’ since last season with work trips to Longview, Texas; Seattle, Washington; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Oklahoma City; Dallas, Texas; Eugene, Oregon; Las Cruces, New Mexico; Washington DC; Las Vegas, Nevada and Denver, Colorado. He learned a thing or two on his travels including the fact that the view in Longview is actually not that long. There’s not much of a view at all.  COVID podcast quiz  Question 1: In the first half of 2020 name 5 Google searches that saw a huge percentage increase. Eg. Yeast grew (or ...