Propaganda in Democracies & Enormous Kangaroos-Ep.4

Episode 4 December 10, 2020 00:29:23
Propaganda in Democracies & Enormous Kangaroos-Ep.4
The Recombobulator Lab
Propaganda in Democracies & Enormous Kangaroos-Ep.4

Dec 10 2020 | 00:29:23


Hosted By

Jason Graham-Nye Chris Dominic

Show Notes

After Jason returns from a trip to the largest monolith in the world--Uluru, Chris gets a report, leading to a discussion about the 5 largest monoliths on the planet.

Jason asks Chris about jury consulting in America and how the American justice system differs from the UK/Australian system.

The conversation shifts to propaganda within democracies and their inhibitors such as the previous USA "Fairness doctrine" and their contributors, large well funded private media empires. In the process, the "Illusion of Truth" effect is discussed.

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